Tailored, research-based and a personal touch - that's what you get with Coach Dean's running programs. Whether it's virtual, club or group coaching you get the very best program and support - to get you where you want to go.

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The only running camps around that integrate both the physical and mental aspects of training and competing. It's not about the miles. It's about what you do with the miles. Adult and high school camps are offered every year.

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"Rx" is your prescription for getting better. RxRunning & Racing was created with the desire to help runners to perform at their personal best - go longer, go faster, or put more enjoyment in your running or multi-discipline sport.

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On a Mission

Anyone can download a running schedule template from the internet. Not everyone can coach themselves to optimize results. Our difference is the difference; having a coach with the knowledge and desire to help athletes perform their best. We are responsive to the athlete's needs. We can prescribe effective and efficient programs for even the busiest person! In most cases more miles are not the answer. Doing the right thing with your miles is.

One More Mission Accomplished: "Good news: I ran a half marathon in Golden Gate Park Sunday and clocked 1:35:49, a personal best. Last year at the same race I ran 1:39:50. Four minutes! I credit my newfound mental strength. I wasn't as fit as last year, but less afraid of risk and pain. Thank you!" Update 10/12 - "I realized I could get in under 1:35 if I pushed to hold that 7 minute pace so did. Lots of talking to myself to stay relaxed, just hold it together. So I feel my greatest lessons continue to be mental." - Michelle Hamilton

Read the account of her journey in the May 2013 issue of Runners World magazine - "Beyond the Mantra" pp. 76-80.